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Topstone Research is a specialty contract research organization with an unwavering commitment to quality and service flexibility. Topstone’s clinical professionals bring essential expertise to help biopharmaceutical organizations successfully solve today’s challenges in clinical research.

In addition to offering a full selection of clinical trial management services, we provide an unmatched and exceptional experience, from the first point of contact to final delivery. Our management team is as “hands-on” as they come, we do what we promise, and, go the extra mile in everything we do. Sponsors know they can rely on Topstone.

We seek inventive approaches designed to continually improve clinical research and your specific study needs. As an example, we specialize in the most current techniques for patient identification and recruitment, to ensure we target and capture the most appropriate patient population for your clinical trial.

We also offer supportive research infrastructure for investigators and primary care physicians. Through this research infrastructure, we are able to bring resources and tools to places where our patients are, to facilitate smooth study conduct and ensure GCP compliance. We help you prepare and submit regulatory documentation, monitor progress, collect data and most importantly, maintain the integrity of the study and protect patient safety.

Our unique and adaptive approach both speeds up and brings consistency. The processes and technology we routinely use are built on the knowledge and experience of our management team, who bring on average, more than 16 years in clinical research. Find out more today.