Topstone Researchs Commitment

Enhancing clinical research backed by a three-fold operational focus on quality, flexibility and new approaches designed for exceptional results.

Why Us

To ensure quality, we begin with the selection of our own staff.  Topstone’s study teams are made up of a diverse group of experienced professionals from pharma, biotech, CROs and investigative sites. Bringing their various perspectives and insights to the table, we have a complete understanding of every stakeholder`s needs in your clinical trial.

Our processes undergo rigorous review cycles to ensure the highest standards and most efficient methods are consistently used.

Service flexibility is a must for managing today’s clinical trials and for accommodating unexpected disruptions or delays outside of your control. Most important, our team will customize the “right approach” specifically for your clinical development program.

Topstone takes a very serious approach to being your partner – taking the time to understand your product, needs and timelines.

To offer the benefits of the latest best practices, we constantly explore innovative and adaptive methodologies.

We are pioneering new ways of doing business by focusing on the patient, investigator site and expanding access to clinical research.

Our approach to study enrollment is truly patient-centered, using the latest digital and analytical tools to rapidly identify, target and recruit the right patients.

For investigators who need extra resources, and for other physicians interested in participating in research, Topstone provides a host of services, staff support and expert guidance that allow the medical staff to focus on what they do best, while we take care of the contractual, logistical and regulatory aspects of the study.  We understand that managing both a medical practice and clinical trials is not an easy task and our research infrastructure allows for a physician to easily do both.

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