About Us

About Us

Mission: With our study volunteers and clients in the biopharmaceutical industry, we will assist in developing future therapies by providing clinical research services of the highest standards that are expected and deserved by all our partners and ourselves.

Vision: Through our knowledge, commitment and partnerships we aim to be a premier provider of investigator site and trial management research services to the biopharmaceutical industry. We will do this with impeccable attention to detail, maintaining the integrity of a study, ensuring subject safety, and providing a rewarding experience to all our staff and study participants.

Core Values

A topstone is the final or protective stone placed on the top of a solid structure, which also symbolizes a crowning achievement or final touch. This is represented in our firm belief in our Core Values which extend to each and every part of our business.

Tenacity: our pledge to fulfill the expectations of our partners and ourselves by commitment, learning and adapting.

Obligation: understanding that we have a duty to service the needs of our clients with integrity, honesty and the highest quality.

Partnership: our success is built on the dedication to each other, our patients and our clients.