It's a bona fide epidemic that afflicts the majority of clinical studies, and accounts for the leading cause of clinical trial delays. Focusing solely on the less than 5% of North American physicians who participate in clinical research only compounds the challenge of patient access.



  • Patient recruitment continues to be leading cause of clinical trial delays. Finding the right patients is harder than ever.
  • In the US alone, data suggests that fewer than 4% of physicians participate in clinical trials. Compared with the number of practicing physicians, clinical research remains the domain of the select and few experienced investigators.
  • Clinical research has become increasingly difficult, with complex procedures and data capture criteria. Managing the data flow logistics and staying compliant is a huge barrier to entry for many physicians otherwise interested in participating in clinical research.
  • Patients are more informed than ever about their health and proactively seek web-based information about their healthcare options.



Enabling easier access to patients. One study at a time.

Patient Focus

Topstone takes a patient-centered approach to recruitment and conduct. Combining traditional techniques involving referrals and media placement with the latest digital tools, patient-level databases and direct-to-patient communication methods, Topstone has developed super-efficient ways to identify, target and recruit participants.

Clinical Research Support

If the target patients reside within the realm of primary care physicians who lack the infrastructure and resources to conduct a clinical trial, Topstone will take the research infrastructure and supportive research staff to where the patients are. For both experienced investigators and physicians interested in participating in clinical trials, we offer a host of clinical trial support services, from investigator contract negotiation and grant management and essential regulatory document management to recruitment, screening and clinical coordination. With experienced on-site staff, we’ll help you collect the right data and stay compliant, while you focus on patient care. Contact Us to learn more about this new, unprecedented offering.